The IHP Archives sincerely welcomes donations of files and items that are related to the IHP, our research fellows or others that are of important cultural and historical value.


Rules Governing Donation:

The donor must be the legitimate owner of the files or items that are to be donated, and the IHP Archives reserve the right to request necessary credentials.

The IHP Archives reserves the right to make a decision on whether a donation is to be included in its collection. A donation agreement will be signed when artifacts are to be included in its collection.

Upon signing the donation agreement, all of the rights related to the donated file and item, including but not limited to their ownership, the right of usage, their copyright and the right to loan, belong to the IHP Archives.
The IHP Archives will treasure and safeguard all of the donated items in its collection.

The IHP Archives reserves all rights to interpret the rules governing donation.



If you wish to make a donation, please contact us via the email below.
E-MAIL: archives@mail.ihp.sinica.edu.tw