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IHP Files:

Even though it was relocated five times from 1928 (IHP’s establishment year) to 1937, from Guangzhou, Peking, Shanghai, Nanking to Changsha, the IHP still had remarkable achievements in both research and field works. Documents from these 10 years are coded under the “Yuan” heading, which is the one enlisted with the most documents. There are 595 folders, each containing different numbers of files, from 1 file up to 40 or 50 files. Between 1938 and 1948, the documents are coded under “Kun”, “Li”, “Jing”, “Za” and “Nan” according to where the IHP was located at different times. “Kun”, “Li”, and “Jing” included documents collected or arranged during Kunming in Yunnan, Lizhuang in Nanxi Province of Sichuan and back to Nanjing periods respectively, while “Za” and “Nan” are annual work reports and meeting minutes.

Since relocating to Taiwan, “Yang”, “Gang”, “Li”, “Tai”, “Bei” headings have been used according to the different locations of the IHP, including the document files collected or arranged when the IHP was located in Yangmei and in Nangang, where effective operations continue.

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