Ding Wen-jiang files 丁文江檔案

Ding Wen-jiang files

These files (a total of 1,077 files) are mainly the correspondences between Ding Wen-Jiang (1887-1936) and his contacts in the military, politics, business, media, and academic sectors in 1926. The individuals that kept contact with Mr. Ding include Ch’i-Chow Liang (梁啟超), Cai Yuan-Pei(蔡元培), Hamilton Hsu(徐志摩), Wen-Hao Weng(翁文灝), Bai-Li Jiang(蔣百里), Chuan-Fang Sun(孫傳芳), Yi Chen(陳儀), Shin-Liu Hsu(徐新六), Ho-Sheng Liu(劉厚生), Shien-Guang Dong(董顯光). These not only provide important information about the situations on politics, academics, culture as well as foreign relations at that time, but also the attitudes and personalities of the then social elites.

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