Wang Chong-wu Files 王崇武檔案

Wang Chong-wu Files

Wang Chong-wu (1911-1957) graduated from the School of Literature at Peking University and began working in the IHP from 1937 as an office clerk, later serving as an assistant clerk, assistant researcher and vice-researcher. He specialized in the history of the Ming dynasty, and wrote specialized books such as An Examination of the Historical Events of the Ming Dynasty Jingnan Campaign《明靖難史事考證稿》and Military strategies and Fortress constructions in the Early Ming 《明初之用兵與寨堡》. There are 81 files in this archive, including the original manuscripts and separate copies of Mr. Wang’s books and a few private letters.

圖片出處:《建館五十周年紀念 中央研究院歷史語言研究所 傅斯年圖書館簡介》