Hang Li-wu Files 杭立武檔案

Hang Li-wu Files

Hang Li-wu (1903-1991) graduated from the University of Nanking and the University of London, School of Economics and Political Science. After he returned to China in 1929, he was a vice-president of the Compilation office of Examination Compilation Committee of the Examination Yuan, a professor of the University of Nanking, Head manager of Central Payment Management Board, daily-business secretary of the Ministry of Education, administrative secretary of the Ministry of Education, representative in the National Assembly, and Minister of the Ministry of Education. He wrote Wars in the Future《將來之大戰》 among others.

There are a total of 563 files in this archive, and most of them are from 1946 to 1950. As this is the period of the Chinese Civil War, there are many documents referring to the settlement of refugee students andthe transportation of artifacts from the Peking Palace Museum to Taiwan. There are also briefings from Mr. Hang to President Chiang Kai-shek on international situations and other topics.ions and other topics.

圖片出處:《建館五十周年紀念 中央研究院歷史語言研究所 傅斯年圖書館簡介》