Website Accessibility Statement

The design of this website seeks to conform to the first and second priority levels described in the Accessibility Design Standards from the Research, Development and Evaluation Committee of the Executive Yuan. It features accesskeys to assist people of special needs and their use of the website.


The following accesskeys have been assigned:

Alt+U: Allow a quick access to  the command bars at the top which includes functions such as sitemap, language selection, and other main navigation commands.
Alt+L: Allow a quick access to the content navigation block on the left, which allows search through keywords and search by collection types.
Alt+C:Allow a quick access to the central content area. On the frontpage,, this is where pictures of selected features are showed, together with detailed lists of the collections and services available. For the other content pages, this area shows the main web contents
Alt+S: Allow a quick jump to the search results.


Note: Use Alt for Internet Explorer accesskeys, and Shift+Alt for Firefox.



Left and Right Arrow Keys
1. The arrow keys may be used to switch between different page tabs listed under the main menu for search and the main menu for archives
2. The arrow keys may also be used to switch between the different photo features on the front page